The DHL Impact Player Series Award celebrates the efforts of those players who enable great things to happen. Live performance data is recorded and analysed for each match covering the four award criteria:

Tackles – when a player legally brings an opposition player with the ball to the ground
Offloads - when a player releases a pass whilst one or more of the opposition team are in the process of attempting to tackle them
Carries – when a player carries the ball forwards for a distance of more than three metres
Line-breaks – when a player penetrates the opposition defensive line

The DHL Performance Tracker awards one point to a player each time they successfully complete an action (Tackle, Offload, Carry, Line-break). 

To recognise Impact across the 2016-17 series, the player with the highest score across the six tournaments will be crowned DHL Impact Player of the Series.

You can follow the #DHLImpactPlayer live on this page, TV or DHL Rugby Facebook and Twitter. #DHLImpactPlayer


DHL Series Performance Tracker

Tackles Breaks Offloads Carries Total